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If you enjoy wine, come find out how easy and fun it is to craft wines you can proudly share with friends and family!

The store is open while we continue to do the winery work on the batches in the store. We have implemented a number of changes to accommodate the health rules as we deal with the COVID-19 Virus.

We are pleased to offer state-of the-art on-premise winemaking. Read on for more information about this convenient, popular service!


In-store winery services are known by various names: U-Vint, U-Brew, Brew-on-Premise, Brew-on-Site, etc..

Employing state-of-the-art technology, we bring the entire winemaking process to you in a step-by-step format that guarantees consistent, excellent results.

From choosing and mixing up your wine kit to bottling, everything is done at our fully equipped in-store winemaking premise, so you get to do the fun stuff and we do the work.

FINISH | BOTTLING: You may bring your own bottles to re-use, or you may purchase new wine bottles in-store.

Bottling is a great time to share the experience with your friends who may be interested in making wine (or who have been drinking yours). It’s easier with two people, and a great way to introduce someone to the concept. We even offer ‘bring a friend’ incentives so both of you can save even more money!

START | DAY ONE: Select the wine kit of your choice (that was easy!).

Your wine-to-be begins in a primary fermentation bucket; you will add the winemaking yeast and stir the contents.

That’s it!

We’ll move it into the ‘in-progress’ section of the store with many other full pails and carboys. In four to eight weeks, depending on your wine kit type and store scheduling, it will be time to come back and bottle your finished wine.

During this time, your wine will progress through fermentation and clearing; store staff will perform many necessary tasks, which include hydrometer readings, several rackings (transfers), stabilizing, clearing and the final step of filtering the wine in preparation for bottling.


At Wine Kitz Burlington, we treat you like family. We’ll always be happy to help with any questions you have, and you’ll find our stores – and our staff – friendly and welcoming. Your in-store wine making experience is designed to be fun and easy…you do the fun stuff, and we do the heavy lifting.

Come take a tour today and get started with one of our monthly specials!