Monthly Specials

June Wine Kit Specials
15% off

For the month of June receive 15% off the following Wine Kits.

Estate Carmenere, Chile
Estate Riesling, California

Original Grenache Shiraz Mourverde, Australia
Original Chardonnay, California

(*Cannot be combined with any other offer.)

Fun Wine Facts

A Drink to Remember…
An American study of nearly 12,500 nurses published in the New England Journal of Medicine, showed that women who enjoy a drink of beer or wine daily have sharper minds into old age than women who abstain.

Let it Rain, Not Pour…
In standard wine glasses, a wine pour should be only one quarter to third of the glass to allow the wine to breathe appropriately. Besides, swirling wine is not only fun to do, but much easier with a glass a quarter of the way full.

More Than Meets The Eye…
In 2002, an American journalist Calvin Trillin claimed that most wine experts couldn’t tell the difference between red and white wines. He was proved wrong when staff at the Wine Spectator correctly guessed the colour 40 out of 42 times.