How It Works

Employing state-of-the-art technology, Wine Kitz Burlington brings the entire winemaking process to you in a step-by-step format that guarantees consistent, excellent results.

From start to finish, everything is done at our store, so you get to do the fun stuff and we do all the hard work.

Creating Your Wine

After you pick your wine kit of choice, your wine-to-be begins in a primary fermentation bucket. You will then add the winemaking yeast and stir the contents. 

We’ll move your kit into the ‘in-progress’ section of the store with other full pails. During this time, your wine will progress through fermentation and clearing. Store staff will perform hydrometer readings, transferring, stabilizing, clearing and filtering the wine in preparation for bottling.

Bottling Your Wine

In four to eight weeks, it will be time for you to come back and bottle your finished wine. You may bring your own bottles to use or you may purchase new wine bottles in-store.

Bottling is a great experience to share with your friends who might be interested in making wine. We even offer ‘bring a friend’ incentives so both of you can save money!

In-Store Wineries and the Law

There are several provincial laws Wine Kitz Burlington must abide by when operating in-store wineries. For instance, staff are not permitted to bottle wine on a customer’s behalf. Wine will be set aside until the customer can come in and bottle it personally.

Laws we must all abide by include:

  • Winemakers must be of legal drinking age to use in-store winery services.
  • Wine sampling prior to purchase is not permitted.
  • Wine sampling prior to bottling (the day of) is limited to 170ml (five ounces) per batch by the winemaker whose name appears on the contract.
  • Winemaker’s assistants must be of legal drinking age.
  • Exchanging wines on-site with other winemakers is not permitted.

When paying for your kit and the in-store winery fee, you will be asked to sign a bailment contract. For legal purposes, this contract moves ownership of the soon-to-be wine from the store owner to you, and acknowledges that you are making wine for personal use only (not for resale).