If you enjoy wine, come find out how easy and fun it is to craft wines you can proudly share with friends and family!

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Wine Kitz Burlington is your source for making quality, affordable wines for every occasion.

We recently celebrated our 20 year anniversary in the business, and the unbeatable combination of our experience, our knowledge of wines and our state-of-the-art in store winery service, makes us the perfect solution for wine lovers!


Make wines equivalent to your commercial favourites, at less than half the retail price!

We love it when you know what you like. Tell us your favourites and we’ll recommend the appropriate wine kits. If you love light whites for every day drinking, for instance, we’d likely steer you to our four week wines, which are drinkable right after bottling and are light bodied.

For a deep, robust red wine or a wine that has the capacity to age into something even more beautiful (one year plus), we’d recommend some of our higher end wines, which can take up to eight weeks to make and yield world class results. In fact, many of our wines are award-winning.*

Whether you know what you prefer or not, we have what it takes to help you make a wine you’ll love!


Our wine kits are sourced from the most prominent and well respected wine growing regions around the world, so if you love Italian reds, or California whites – just to name two – we’ve got the wine kit for you!

Discover what everyone is talking about!

Wine Kitz is a pioneer in the winemaking industry, and we offer the latest and greatest in technology along the quality products and knowledge that only come with experience. From every day drinking wines to dessert wines and special, exclusive limited wines, you’ll be thrilled with your results. We guarantee it.


At Wine Kitz Burlington, we treat you like family. We’ll always be happy to help with any questions you have, and you’ll find our stores – and our staff – friendly and welcoming. Your in-store winemaking experience is designed to be fun and easy…you do the fun stuff, and we do the heavy lifting.

Come take a tour today and get started with one of our monthly specials!

*Every year, Wine Kitz wines from across the country are entered into the prestigious Winemaker Magazine Competition, and we always proudly take home medals. Click or tap here for this year’s list of winners.